Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hey pretties!!
                              Was that weird?  Oh well.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on what I've been up to!  I started this blog because I had nothing to do, and it seems like just as I started to get it going, I actually got one of those things people call "a life"  lol!!  So I'm not going to have a schedule on my uploads to the blog.  I write on my Facebook page about once or twice a day, just different random things.  I'm just so thankful that you guys don't mind that I don't blog everyday and still follow me and always leave kind comments!

Last weekend my dad was in town and since there was a lot of family drama at my own house at the time, I decided that I would spend the weekend with him.  He lives with his best friends and their daughter.  Their daughter rides horses and has for years.  So I went with her to the barn she goes to and started taking lessons.

Let me tell you the backstory of me and horses.  I love horses, I always have.  They are (to me) one of the most gorgeous animals.  Years ago I went to a two week long sleep away summer camp in a program where I'd learn how to ride.  But me being very young, I was sooo scared of these huge creatures.  The group leader basically threatened me that she would call my mom and how mad she (my mom) would be that I wasn't riding because she spent all that money for me to go to camp.  Yeah, like that made me want to ride any more... So every since then I've just been afraid.

I spent last weekend at the barn, spent a good amount of time brushing my friends horse, and just being around them.  I rode Saturday and Sunday with my friend leading her horse, and as the weekend went on so didn't my fear.  At that point I decided that I wanted to start taking lessons, so I talked to the owner of the barn and yesterday (Friday) was my first lesson.  I absolutely had no fear at all of the horses.  I was not afraid to get on, I was not afraid to ride.  It's amazing to me how quickly the fear that I had for my whole life just went away.  Today, I'm sitting at her house (Dad's best friends house) while my dad is back at work, and while my friend is at the barn.  I would have gone with her today, but I was sleeping when they asked, and who wants to get up when they're sleeping? lol!  Besides, I am SOOOO sore from riding!  Yesterday was my first time EVER riding a horse without being led, and I went right on to trotting.  Whoever thinks horseback riding is easy, has never rode a horse!  I'll be going back to the barn tomorrow, since there's a show, I'm not sure I'll be riding, but I can't get enough of these gorgeous creatures.  Not to mention, they make for pretty awesome pictures.  Check out the pictures below!

My friend riding her horse Noelle

Mare Sydney with 22 day old Foal Qayden (Kay-Den)

This is Lucy, the horse I rode yesterday.  She's an Irish Draft Horse.  Think English Bulldog of horses.  Short and wide!  That's why I'm SO sore today!

Beautiful sunset over the 180 acre farm

And this is a picture I took on a walk on Thursday, this is a Turkey Vulture

Another picture I took on a walk, this is obviously a Seagull

You're probably thinking "Well that's the weekends, what do you do during the week that you can't post?"  Or you might not be thinking that, but you are now!
To skip the long version of this story, we're puppy sitting a puppy (duh) that I take care of when my mom isn't home which is during the week because she works 12 hours a day.  It's a boxer puppy, who is about 6 months old.  If you know anything about puppies, and boxers, you know that that alone is a lot of work, so a lot of my focus is on the puppy during the day.  The puppy has been at the house for about 3 months now.  And then there's karate a few times a week, and me cleaning my room which is a loooong project because it's a mess.  And THEN there's just the simple fact that most of the time I have no motivation.. LOL!

As for what's coming, I still plan on doing the "Themed Third Thursdays" starting this month.  The theme of which I'm doing still hasn't been announced, so if you think you have an idea, comment below!
I will also be posting the manicures that I do on myself, which I do have a few lined up.  And I'm running out of requests from you guys, so let me know if you have anything you'd like to see and I'll try my best to make them look good!

Thank you guys for supporting me, and reading this looong blog post.  You guys are literally the best, and I've made so many friends just by doing this.  Please stick with me, I really do enjoy doing this and reading your kind comments and fulfilling requests!  So send 'em in either by my Facebook page or by commenting below!


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